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Farewell Canny

Today I had lunch with a good friend of mine, Lisa Ong. Both from Ipoh and both acquaintances of Canny Ong, may she rest in peace, we inevitably brought the subject up. I shared with her my ponderings of why this case was given so much mileage by the papers. I posted on Word Up! my thoughts on the matter, offering some insight from knowing Canny for but a fraction of my teenage life. I brought up thoughts on Noor Suzaily, the Malay student who was raped and murdered a year ago by an errant bus driver who was mentally unstable. I brought up the 14-year old who was abducted from Bukit Bintang and raped just days after Canny’s tragedy. I brought up the factory worker who was also kidnapped and raped by people she knew, a week after Canny. What about these people? Why did it take Canny’s case to make everyone sit up, read/petition/cry/feel something? Was it because she was beautiful? Was it because she was married to an American? Was it because it happend in Bangsar Shopping Complex, a supposed ‘high-class’ shopping centre full of ridiculously expensive stuff so no shifty, dodgy persons would think to lurk around in its carpark? Or is it because of the tragedy of it all, that it was a crime of chance that happened to a girl who came home to see her ailing father, that evil did not discriminate, that its products were also subscribers of chance?

And what’s even more puzzling is the amount of speculation of “what truly happened”. Not to vilify Canny but let’s just say that if you knew her, you would have cause to question the circumstances surrounding her death. But I can see no way these questions could arise from out of the blue. People are certainly persistent in not believing in the dastardly hand of fate when it decides to be cruel. Canny was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. And yes, it can happen to you. Accept it. Deal with it. As my friend Bernice puts it: it’s better to be paranoid than dead.

To that end, I made myself a ‘flail’ – a bunch of old house keys, a pepper spray, a pen knife and a bangle to sort of tie it to my wrist. One swing in the face and there will be no face. And then I spray.

Thanks Canny, for making us smarter. May the sweet release of death bring everlasting peace to your soul.


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Blogging for glory

Someone said that bloggers are attention whores – who isn’t? Why do women like to shop? So that they can look their best. Why do they want to look their best? Because they want admiration and awe (read: attention), and if possible, even evoke a little bit of jealousy. Now I believe that a woman is truly beautiful ONLY if another woman thinks she is – because women are naturally catty! I know I am 🙂

But this isn’t what I wanted to say. What I wanted to report was that – drumroll – I’ve been selected to be a beta-tester for Project Petaling St!! Yay! Well, I’m charged with blogging for a purpose (not that I don’t have enough but I’m the sort who needs to throw her hat over the fence to get REALLY going) to test out their content feeding engine, just to see if it can withstand the traffic. A nobel feat indeed. And one that *hopefully* will get more traffic to my site :D. Attention! Gimme attention!

Anyway, back to beautiful women. Just yesterday, my hubby, and several other hot-blooded men spending a quiet afternoon at Starbucks in Bukit Damansara, were treated to a sight that trascended words and expensive, pretentious coffee – for a minute, that is. This Malay (think she is, not sure) goddess with honey coloured skin and breasts that were not at all gross in a white embroidered low-cut Lycra blouse and a sheer flair shirt that you could see through, especially because she was very nicely tanned and wore a white thong, came in, bought an espresso to go, and in what seemed like a slow fluid motion, swished through the glass doors of the cafe in her stilleto sandals (against the light) and away from our lives. It was as if time stood still. As a woman, I was both awe-struck, struck dumb and suddenly felt myself very ugly.

My hubby later came in the car with our lattes and asked if I saw the apparition in white. I said I did, and he gave me a long hug.

Ah well. You can’t win ’em all.

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It slipped my mind to mention yesterday that at the SS2/Tmn SEA traffic light where the cops LOVE to camp and catch double-line offenders, they made the fatal mistake of catching my hubby, who considers himself one of the most law-abiding and considerate drivers around. This junction is INFAMOUS for cop-camping and how it works is that they’ll place one cop at one obscure corner, eyes trained across the road, hidden from view. Once the light turns green, inconsiderate people in a hurry will often cut from the left (not supposed to do) and the designated cop will spot the licence plates (from about 50 feet away) and then radio his pals across the road who will be all ready to round the offending vehicles up for ‘negotiations’.

That’s right. That’s one idiotic cop who probably can’t remember what he ate for breakfast that day, committing to memory licence plate nos for half a dozen cars travelling at 30kmph, trying to be funny. Inevitably, mistakes happen. It was that cop’s unlucky day that the mistake that happened yesterday was my giant of a husband.

Suffice to say, we made noise like nobody’s business. We asked him to describe exactly what we did wrong because he said we crossed a double-line, which we could not be further away from. THe cop that reprimanded us even said “Tak apa encik tak mengaku…” and Lokes just went ballistics. “Aku apa?” and demanded a detailed account of what his “spying” colleague saw. Resigning, he called that cop over and Lokes again demanded to know what he did wrong. The cop seeing that Lokes wasn’t going to give in, simply waved us off.

And we face this cloak and dagger, cat and mouse game EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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Project Q’Pla

Bernice and I have embarked on a project to write – tada – a fan script for – voila – Enterprise! Since I watch so much of the stuff, I thought I might as well give it a shot. I have a pretty good story mulling about in my head now, so it’s just a matter of putting it down. They used to have an open script policy for TNG but have somehow terminated the exercise, as Bernice discovered. DARN IT!

Oh well, I guess posting it up here would have to do. Maybe we’ll get spotted – who knows? 😉

Any Trekkies out there? I’ve just started watching some downloaded episodes of DS9 from Season 1. Im more a TNG fan but this is getting pretty good!

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Speedy Gonzales

I finally picked up my new Intel P4 3.06GHz Hyper-Threading speed demon from HWM today, payment for judging their recent DIY contest at Low Yat. Yay! This weekend we finally have enough motivation to go shopping. We went two weekends ago to MVM’s IT Centre, just to scout out the prices. From that we reckoned we’ll need about RM4k WITHOUT the chip to get a good mobo, a good graphics card and ntm a good monitor.

Maybe RM4k won’t be enough even…

Anyway, we thought of getting the ATI RADEON 9800 but a quick trip to Low Yat yesterday revealed that it will do a damage of RM1,800!! That’s almost half my budget gone! Sigh…another RM900 for the mobo. THat’s RM3k gone. Who’s going to sell me a soundcard, a 21-inch flat-screen monitor, 512MB DDR 888 RAM and speakers for RM1000?

Oh well. I guess we’ll just have to set our sights lower. Anyone here got stuff u wanna sell off?

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Highs and lows

The trouble with my line of work is that when it rains it pours, and when it’s dry, it’s a freakin’ drought! Well, it’s rainy season here at The Writing Pool. I just finished my monthly contribution to, and am now worrying about my assignments for Computerworld because my liaison there has not reverted – and it’s getting late!

Sigh, oh well. The highlight of my day is I signed up for Maybank2u! Yay, now I can pay SO many of my bills online, including interbank transfers.

Great, I’m a bigger hermit than before!

Oh yea, I created a small blog for my little girl hehe. Have a look!

There’s a very lively discussion going on at Wordup! today about women and self defence, in the wake of Canny Ong’s tragedy, whether we should carry pepper sprays, a comparision of mace and pepper sprays, how women should defend themsevles with keys and fingernails and high-heels. It dawned on me that really women these days just may be too frail and dainty and concerned with their looks that they’ve forgotten that there ARE bad things and bad people out there. C’mon girls! Spunk up! Go for martial arts lessons or at least have enough spirit to want to fight back. I always wondered why Canny did not fight back. Maybe the guy is tougher than he looks, coz he sure looks like a loser-wimpy ass to me.

Seriously, I think having keys in your good hand, wherever you may be walking alone or just a couple of you, is just good sense. Not your house keys or car keys coz the assailant may want to rob you of your earthly possesions as well, but just some “self-defence” keys, sharp enough to poke his eyes out or dig a hole in his thigh. Someone suggested kicking his gonads with pointy shoes, which I don’t happen to own. So I guess Mace and keys will have to do.

What do y’all think? Post comments on my zonkboard!

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From almost-relatives to friends

I had lunch today with my brother-in-law’s ex-girlfriend, the beautiful and talented Ms Cindy Yeap, something we’ve only done twice since we met. Somehow, when she was Francis’ other half, we never thought to fraternise. To be honest, and I really have no idea why, I wasn’t sure if I could get close to someone if I wasn’t sure she would end up being my sister-in-law, stupid as it may sound. However, it is very valid a fear, because what happens when it doesn’t work out? We ALL say we wanna keep in touch but it’s very difficult a promise to keep, even when you’re already friends. And now that it’s been over a year, I felt less of the “pressure”, mainly because I did not like to pretend. Friendships should not be products of blood or legal relations, right? I guess I’m just too cowardly to face an uncertain future, even if it’s only remotely linked to mine.

It was a good lunch. We caught each other up, me on Raeven and life as a mother/writer/wife, and Cindy on how she’s saving money to pursue her Masters in Music Management in Westminster, God willing. Seeing her with her future in front of her, adventure seemingly waiting at every turn – it’s just so exciting, and I feel both happiness and envy for her. Now she’s a determined young lady, if there ever was one. Reminds me of my sis!

I have a deadline looming! Have to disappear for a while. Cheers!

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