Culture trek

Being a fulltime freelancer has its perks, but the downside to spending most of the day alone in your home with only your PC and Astro to keep you busy can be numbing at times, and depressing after a while. After two years, it becomes almost surreal.

Lokes (my hubby) told me that I should pick up a musical instrument, as well as make more appointments outside to fill my time. Having accomplished the latter (and in the process acquired two more contracts that have all but eaten up my Astro/gaming time), I began earnestly four days ago to play the flageolet, aka the Irish tin whistle. I used to play the recorder when I was a wee slip o’ girl so learning to play the flageolet was a cinch. I managed to find some free lessons online, and am now trying to master the ’embellishments‘. Quite tough. Now, instead of playing reversi on my Ipaq while waiting for the game servers of Age of Mythology to match me up, or when waiting for a page to load, I whistle away!

Aside from this, I’ve also signed up for a Lit Appreciation course, conducted by NST literary columnist Alina Rastam, who also writes about women’s issues, as I just found out by chance two days ago. This started two weeks back. Last Tuesday, we continued our discussion of the finer points of reading poetry, where we discussed Wilfred Owen’s Dulce et Decorum Est“, which is Latin for “tis sweet and proper/honourable”, the front part of a patriotic Latin mantra glorifying war. The verse’s graphic depiction of the realities of the battlefield are graphic, to say the least, and it surprises me that one can wax poetic on such a subject.

Look ma, I’m learning!

So thus begins my cultural trek. Let’s see if my taste for Nescafe see-kosong-ais will slowly change to wine or tea…


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