Love is…chasing your hubby out of the house

My husband has inadvertently turned into a homebody, and contrary to anyone’s guess, it is NOT by my design. Because of his job, Lokes has elected to stay home the rest of the time “to make up” for the long hours he works. Apart from dinner, bedtime and the occasional quickie, that’s all I see of him, really. I am glad he puts some effort into making up for his shortcomings. However, a few weeks before, he forgot all about his best friend’s birthday until it was a day later. It was then he said that he is condemned to suffer a friendless existence. It hit me there and then – I hope his kakis do not think that I’m the one keeping him at home!! Hence, I told Lokes to please make a policy of going out with his friends, do whatever it is they do, short of getting laid, because I am NOT a prison warden. And to please make sure his friends know that! So, he’s going out tonight to Viva – with his colleagues. I guess that’s better than nothing.

Good lord, it’s raining cats and dogs again. Lightning is streaking the sky like nobody’s business. Is my modem still working? Hello?

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