Old habits become worse with old age

Someone from Match-room called today to tell me that I dropped my IC there. I was there Thursday for a meeting. I didn’t even realise it was missing until they called. My God in heaven. Thank God I dropped it there and not somewhere else. If so, this would’ve been the fifth time I lost my IC!

Elsewhere, a prime suspect linked to the abduction and possible murder of Ipohite and old acquaintance Canny Ong has been nabbed. Police say that chances are the tragedy may have been more a crime of chance and instead of a premeditated act of passion. Far-fetched conspiracy theories are still abound though, that this may be a cover-up for the true motive. I think not. Ill fate is just a little hard to swallow sometimes.

Lokes and I are taking Raev to Genting tomorrow for the day’s weather. Apart from Singapore, this is her second trip “somewhere else”. I’d better start packing…


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