The return of reading

While fans of Chinese romance literary serials will tell you otherwise, it’s not common practice today to queue up hours or pay a substantial amount in advance for a HARDCOVER book – until Harry Potter 5: Order of the Phoenix. I haven’t purchased a copy myself because I like to let hype simmer down a little before dipping in. It’s not to read the reviews either, because good or bad, I know I’m going to get the book anyway.

But this is good, no? Reviving the love for reading is not easy these days, and while the twists and turns in Harry’s magical life at Hogwarts (and beyond) are formulaic to a good thriller (and not unlike the trials and tribulations of one Darrell Rivers of Malory Towers, if you are the right age to remember who or what that is, Rowling’s style is also conducive as language text, albeit far from offering the same literary nutrition as the Classics. It’s still pretty darn good, wouldn’t you say? If I want my kid to be in awe of something or someone, I’d rather her chase after a book and not some waxy pop star.

Maybe I should go buy a copy ASAP. I heard a lead character dies. Who??!

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