Gaudy Genting

As mentioned, we took Raeven, my one-year old girl, to Genting Highlands yesterday. It was also a discovery trip for me, as I’d not been up for quite some time, while Lokes went up recently for a business conference at the all-new convention centre in the all-new First World hotel, this gawdawful, gaudy technicolour monstrosity trying desperately, but failing miserably, to emulate Vegas. I did not manage to take any pictures of the screaming facade because my camera was running out of batt and it was pretty misty.

It was shocking to see how quickly this “all-new” “attraction” has fallen to disrepair, appearing somewhat stale and jaded even to the unseasoned traveller. This is the main thing that Malaysian “tourist attractions” fail to immitate – the upkeep. You’d expect someone like Uncle Lim to have the kind of cash needed to keep a place nice and tidy. It was so clear that everything was substandard, from the 2D sterofoam Roman figurines greeting “gamling ghosts” to the mass-produced buffet spread. C’mon, uncle. Money is pouring in. Ease up on the purse-stringslah.

Anyway, my daughter was having the time of her life. We spent most of our time outdoors, took her for (rickety) carousel rides and on the equally precarious-looking “Flying Jumbo”. We pretty much did the whole family-attractions circuit for RM28 per pax (not including Raev). It did not take more than an hour, and the climate was warmer than an average day in our condo. Unless you’re up here to gamble/screw around on your spouse/on a school trip, there’s really no point wasting time and money here. I’d much rather go back home to Ipoh for some makan sessions.

I’ve included some lovely pics of Raev though. Enjoy ;)!

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