From almost-relatives to friends

I had lunch today with my brother-in-law’s ex-girlfriend, the beautiful and talented Ms Cindy Yeap, something we’ve only done twice since we met. Somehow, when she was Francis’ other half, we never thought to fraternise. To be honest, and I really have no idea why, I wasn’t sure if I could get close to someone if I wasn’t sure she would end up being my sister-in-law, stupid as it may sound. However, it is very valid a fear, because what happens when it doesn’t work out? We ALL say we wanna keep in touch but it’s very difficult a promise to keep, even when you’re already friends. And now that it’s been over a year, I felt less of the “pressure”, mainly because I did not like to pretend. Friendships should not be products of blood or legal relations, right? I guess I’m just too cowardly to face an uncertain future, even if it’s only remotely linked to mine.

It was a good lunch. We caught each other up, me on Raeven and life as a mother/writer/wife, and Cindy on how she’s saving money to pursue her Masters in Music Management in Westminster, God willing. Seeing her with her future in front of her, adventure seemingly waiting at every turn – it’s just so exciting, and I feel both happiness and envy for her. Now she’s a determined young lady, if there ever was one. Reminds me of my sis!

I have a deadline looming! Have to disappear for a while. Cheers!


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