It slipped my mind to mention yesterday that at the SS2/Tmn SEA traffic light where the cops LOVE to camp and catch double-line offenders, they made the fatal mistake of catching my hubby, who considers himself one of the most law-abiding and considerate drivers around. This junction is INFAMOUS for cop-camping and how it works is that they’ll place one cop at one obscure corner, eyes trained across the road, hidden from view. Once the light turns green, inconsiderate people in a hurry will often cut from the left (not supposed to do) and the designated cop will spot the licence plates (from about 50 feet away) and then radio his pals across the road who will be all ready to round the offending vehicles up for ‘negotiations’.

That’s right. That’s one idiotic cop who probably can’t remember what he ate for breakfast that day, committing to memory licence plate nos for half a dozen cars travelling at 30kmph, trying to be funny. Inevitably, mistakes happen. It was that cop’s unlucky day that the mistake that happened yesterday was my giant of a husband.

Suffice to say, we made noise like nobody’s business. We asked him to describe exactly what we did wrong because he said we crossed a double-line, which we could not be further away from. THe cop that reprimanded us even said “Tak apa encik tak mengaku…” and Lokes just went ballistics. “Aku apa?” and demanded a detailed account of what his “spying” colleague saw. Resigning, he called that cop over and Lokes again demanded to know what he did wrong. The cop seeing that Lokes wasn’t going to give in, simply waved us off.

And we face this cloak and dagger, cat and mouse game EVERY SINGLE DAY.


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