The allure of Rotiboy

Each time I take the train to KLCC, the moment I am near the entrance, I am assailed by the delicious smells of Rotiboy’s famous, well, Rotiboy. About a month or two old at KLCC, this devilishly simple yet seductive food of the masses manages to ruin my low carbo diet each and every time. And if the smells don’t draw you, the perpetual queues will.

Today, I bought ten just to give out to my hubby’s colleagues, RM1.50 buns of pure ecstacy.

But the alluring thing about Rotiboy goes beyond its culinary delights. As mentioned, it’s the sheer simplicity of this generous yet humble serving of flour, butter, caramel and what I suspect is a bit of coffee powder. The perfect blend of crispy on the outside, soft and warm in the inside, the aromatic sweet smell, coupled with the savoury baked taste – you must have eaten a LOT of bread and butter to come up with this potent concoction that’s seduced so many Malaysian commuters. Whoever’s behind this, kudos! You deserve every bite of your success!

For those who have yet to experience the simple yet wonderful Rotiboy, drop by at KLCC’s LRT entrance, Wisma Central or Low Yat Plaza. As for the directions – your nose will guide you!


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