Behind every great man, is a woman trying to hang on

It never ceases to surprise me how one can be watching Discovery or Animal Planet or some such infotainment channel everyday, and still be surprised by the, well, discovery of another little known fact. And when one is in the office or at home, having a Really Bad Block, it’s the aimless wanderings of one’s mouse, clicking, clicking until you find something that completely blows your mind – or at least elicit a raised eyebrow.

For instance, did you know that there’s a sport in Estonia called “wife-carrying“? That’s right. WSJ reported recnetly that Estonians excelled in this obstacle sport of sorts,where a man carries his “wife” and runs around a 278-yard oval track, which has a three -foot-deep water trough and two hurdles of wooden logs. This bizarre activity was actually started in Finland in the 19th century, when marauding gangs would make off with women from neighbouring villages. Now the Finns are losing out to the Estonians, and the rivalry is getting fiercer.

“The best way for a man to carry a woman is to dangle her upside down over his back, with her thighs squeezing his neck and her arms around his torso,” says world champ Margo Uusorg.

Brings new meaning to “to have and to hold”!


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