New friends, old friends

I spent much on commuting this week in years due to the avalanche of appointments for both work and play. Just yesterday, I had to be at four places at once, starting with our Kotaraya bloggers‘ brunch at Dome KLCC, to which I brought Danny. Both of us got lost for a while because neither of us had an inkling how we would be able to make them out in a crowd of patrons enjoying their Citron Presses and lattes. In a roundabout manner, we located Aiz‘s number (Aiz being the only person both of us COULD recognise, and yea, I was gonna meet a bunch of strangers without any of their numbers! – typical Jennism) and finally found the whole lotta them tucked away in a ‘private room’ in a corner of the cafe.

We were an hour late and Aiz was already talking about Project Petaling Street. We tried slipping in unnoticed but that was hard to do, it being a small group. Someone shouted my name and red-faced (being SO late and all), I had to intro my sorry ass with Sarini ‘filming’ away. Danny was spared, being the tag-along’ friend. It was pretty unnerving, finally putting on a face in front of people who may have read your blogs about being a sham and other intimate bits of info you don’t really want to acknowledge you thought, much less wrote.

We mingled, talked about the things we blogged about, about blogging, about other bloggers. It reminded me of the IRC gatherings we used to have (what? 5 yrs ago?), where we would meet strangers and talk about things we IRCed about, about IRCing, about other IRCers. It’s always so nice to make new friends. It’s like traveling without moving (who was it who said that? alanis?), discovering new sights, new sounds, new ideas. Motherhood has definitely restricted my freedom somewhat, making such moments precious.

After the meet, I met Lokes for lunch, and then sped off to cover the closing of Liga Electronica. The turnout was quite good, despite it being a Saturday. When it was over, I rushed home to get the house ready for our lui pao birthday party, where three of my childhood friends would try as much as possible to unceremoniously turn 30.

We spent the night eating Ayamas and Suchan’s (is it spelt like that?) famous tiramisu (which has too much nuts, if I may say so – coz I hate nuts), playing a new group game I bought called Taboo (like charades but using only words) and chatting about life at the turn of another decade. I was the only one left in the group still clinging on to my 20-something-ship (I turn in October ;)) – and the only married person there. Having known each other since secondary school, each of us became increasingly candid as the wine poured, questioning marriage, motherhood, each other’s boyfriend(s) (I was spared by virtue of Lokes being there haha), growing increasingly agitated and pensive at the same time, stepping on each other’s toes and then soothing the sting over with the magical balm of familiarity that only old, old friends have. At the end of it, someone said that we should ‘celebrate’ properly by drinking ourselves silly the coming weekend. The vote was a unanimous yes.

So yea, it has been a most productive weekend, friends-wise. Thank you God, for old and new mercies.

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