Missing at work

Gosh, it’s been a while hasn’t it? My apologies, for work has been suffocating to say the least, and since blogging is so much like work, I did not want to choke!

Anyway, a nice chap by the name of Nick Fong reminded that I had something going here and like a devious chain-letter, it seems that one cannot stop blogging without inviting some sort of curse (haha no pun intended, Nick).

Life has been one helluva ride during the last four weeks that I have been kept away from this mildly enjoyable ‘pastime’. Having discovered that my hormones were to blame for my mood swings (not reflected here but you can ask my hubs), I was prescribed even MORE ‘monez, but the clinically dispensed sort in neat little tablets you take for a prescribed amount of days to ‘reset’ your reproductive cogs. Disgusting (and yet fascinating) but it’s a start.

But what have I been up to aside from having to turn and oil and turn and oil and burn my literary wheels during the past three weeks? I watched my daughter grow, for one. I have not updated her blog as well – again, curses be unto me, but read that for Raeven‘s side of things. My aunt and uncle from London have been staying with me the last few days, sorting out their paperwork because my English uncle wants to come to Malaysia and stay for good. I gave him a crash course on Surviving Malaysian Government Departments and Taxis before the two of them ventured into the Inland Revenue Dept two days ago. Being English and all principly, he didnt take too well to our “survival tactics” but after two days, he finally understood why, at the very least.

I went for the launch of the World Cyber Games here yesterday. Didnt win my free ticket to Korea. Sin Chew won again. I swear, they are too lucky for their own good. Now i HAVE to make sure I win in AoM to make it to Seoul.

Ok, there goes another month then. I’ll see you guys in Sept 😉


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