Challenging the G5

ARS Technica (and other sources) published a story recently on UK’s Independent Television Commission (ITC) ban of Apple’s G5 ads because of its false claims that the model is “the world’s fastest, most powerful personal computer”.

Read this Mac User’s highly technical research on the matter, which was published June this year, but given an update in October. This controversial article drew plenty of criticisms from Mac users naturally. SPL gave an interview to June this year to comment on his story.

The thing is, this claim has been challenged (and changed, to “The Power Mac G5 is one of the fastest personal computer with a 64-bit processor“) since June. Furthermore, October saw PC World publishing a story comparing the AMD Athlon 64 and Opteron versus Apple’s G5 processor, where the G5 was trounced nicely by the Athlon 64.

What is Apple thinking, trying to slip its false claims through to UK now?


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