Five reasons to play games

When I was growing up, our family had one computer, my father's Apple 2. I was eight and as far as I can remember, that was when my addiction to computer games began.

I remember how 'challenging' it had been to spend time with the computer. My sister and me were given certain time slots to play games, but they were never enough, so I'd devise ways to sneak into the small little study my dad used to have, mostly when he went for badminton or bowling, so that I could have another hour or two, which sometimes I had to share with my sis. And 20 minutes before my dad was expected to return, we'd switch off the machine to let it cool down. At times, when addiction pushed us a little further, even before dad touched the top of the monitor, he'd know from the heat radiating through the small, stuffy study that we had accessed his computer despite the hidden key (yes, computers used to have keys back then!). Predictably, we'd be subjected to threats of painful punitive measures ranging from one-week's house arrest to throwing the computer out so that no one would be able to play at all. Naturally, the latter threat would seem more dire, but I knew then that it was merely parental posturing because dad was more addicted to the machine than we were.

Fast forward 22 years, and here I am, a games reviewer. Five years or so ago, when I began to branch out to this field, when my first review was published, my sis and dad had only one thing to say to me:

"Trust you to find a way to play computer games for the rest of your life!"

'tis true. I love to play games. My favourite genres are RPGs, FPS-es and RTS games. I competed in my first RTS tournament at World Cyber Games this year (Age of Mythology) and managed to land a fourth placing (there were only ten of us!). Today, I am playing four games simultaneously: Max Payne 2, Greyhawk: Temple of Elemental Evil, Call of Duty, Halo and CS online via Steam when it fits my fancy. My next game-related splurge is a Phantom Game System – when it's out.

Naturally, being 30 years old and a mother and all, friends and strangers (both male and female) often impart incredulous looks when I answer their inquiries regarding my work, so much so these days, I just say that I write about technology. After all, why should I defend what I do and make it sound like 'a real job'? Hell, it's purportedly work that pays peanuts where I play games almost all hours of the day, when I'm not running after my daughter or cooking dinner. Even in a well-meaning, nicely structured sentence, it makes me sound like a bum.

To debunk this myth (and to satisfy this part of me that still wants to prove that games reviewing is serious work which benefits society in many ways – just as much as food or movie critics can do for people who can and would be swayed by reviews), I have found five medically/scientifically proven reasons, and others, why computer/video games are NOT a waste of time. Enjoy:):

1) Computer games: Good for the office

2) Computer games help male memory

3) Computer games can treat phobias

4) Computer games may aid medical care

5) Computer games make money


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