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Death of a diva

This year seems to be a black one. And while we have the luxury of summarising our 2003, others will have to summarise the lives of those they love.

This morning, canto pop diva Anita Mui fought the good fight with cervical cancer, and lost. She was 40. You can read all about it at thestar.

And who does not know that canto pop king Leslie Cheung, one of Anita's closest friends, has left us this year as well.

This makes two of my teenage canto pop idols which have passed on this year.

Depression and disease have a way of making one feel old.

Farewell, Anita. Rest in sequined peace.


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Can you sum up your 2003 in 20 words?

As a writer, I find it hardest to say the most with the least words possible, which is why a copywriter's job is mostly a thankless one (and one I suck at, naturally).

I had been tasked once or twice to reduce inch-thick technical manuals and financial reports into clever two-minute speeches, for which I get none of the glory (even when the applause is wafer-thin) and the pay is pitiful.

And this isn't to say my articles are spectacular either. I am nine years into the craft and still honing. Perhaps I should take the hint.

Before I seriously entertain notions of becoming a full-time mother, I will try one more time to prove my worth, and what better than to summarise my life this year, in 20 words or less?

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Humbled by a call girl named its best written blog to be that of a London call girl's, named Belle de Jour. I am humbled for I can't even spell 'Jour'.

The word 'sane' comes floating up when reading her blog. She seems to have her feet firmly on the ground, which I think allows her wit (and a great measure of class) to shine through even when talking about what she does – or ESPECIALLY when so. Belle is my idol du jour indeed!

In other news, check the beautiful photography of one Rob Gardiner , which won the best use of photography in a blog. They are breathtaking!

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Say hello to my blogbuddy


Am blogging this with

This cute little blogging software that sits on your tray – say goodbye to lengthy loading times at!

In other news, visited Low Yat today to buy our new DVD writer. Got an ASUS one (4x *cough*). Ah Boy from Compuzone says is the same as the Philips one coz the latter actually manufactures for the former. Set us back about RM600. Also got a new 512MB CF card for Canmie (our new Canon EOS300D camera – corny name haha).

And speaking of Canmie, here's a pic of something funny we took at the all new One-Utama (is it called Two Utama?):

Again, Happy New Year everyone!

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Have revamped our family website to be just an online photo album. Have a look!

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I never noticed this before. Did you?

Who can help lovin’ these guys!?

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