I’ve always had a distaste for what my own race calls ‘delicacies’.

As my father once put it, “We Chinese will eat anything that moves and call it essential for good health – even if it kills us.”

If a century later everything’s been hunted, skinned, sauteed/stewed and eaten, I am not surprised that we will turn cannibalistic, hunting and chopping off the ears or genitals of perhaps Pygmies or other isolated human tribes still living in the wild, claiming that the double-boiling of these parts will help improve blood circulation and/or virility.

Or have we already started?

From dogs to horses to tigers to living monkeys for their brains, who has not heard of what we’ve put on our dinner table or ordered at a ‘special’ restaurant? You don’t even have to go that far – just visit SS2’s ‘gourmet square’ and you can order turtle soup to help you prolong your life or some such nonsense.

My family, being more Malaysian than Chinese, has always been skeptical about ANY kind of medicine – and most of it has to do with traditional Chinese remedies – that involves the eating of parts belonging to animals and/or insects, where the pattern seems to be that the MORE on the verge of becoming extinct the animal is, the more ‘benefits’ that are to be gotten from this animal part.

If one day humans as a race face prolonged constipation as a problem and noone shits anymore, the Chinese will say eating our own faeces can help us defecate better (thus solving the problem in itself)!

Now with the war declared on the civet cats which Chinese officials are suspecting as the culprit for SARS, perhaps it is the universe’s way of telling us that not all wild animals are good for eating. While evidence is still circumstantial on whether these cats are responsible, one thing’s for sure: The Chinese have stopped eating them.

Perhaps the universe and do something about the sharks and tigers and turtles and horses and monkeys to deter us from eating them to extinction!


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