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Posting spotted at forums when I posted a link to my news report in re RO going P2P:

“I remove wa lai toi from my astro subscription so i can move the money to pay for ro. Every night come home play ro no time to watch tv anyway.” – Yushin



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Just did the review of the all-new Battlefield Vietnam for Check it out!

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My ATI RADEON 9700 card died yesterday just when I needed it most. With a wedding to go to and an assignment due tomorrow, Lokes and I rushed and gave a call to my lifesaver, Ah Boy from C-ZONE in Low Yat, and got ourselves a HIS Exalibur IceQ 9800PRO for RM1250!

(more pics and review HERE)

Throughout the dinner, I was fidgety because I could not wait to go home and plug the card in. Man, it was the longest wedding makan I’d ever attended!

When we DID go home, Lokes did the honours as I tucked Raeven in. When I came out, he was already flying – literally – testing the card with 3DMark03 and got a whopping benchmark of 5353 (1024 x 768 no antialiasing trilinear and anisotropy set to 1)!!

I’m gonna chill all day with my new IceQ today (Sunday).

I won’t miss those reboots!

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This week, I wrote a story on whether men should make noise when they have sex in my ‘infamous’ MSN Women column. I had not touched on sex for a couple of months now and thought I’d spice it up this week for fun.

Yesterday, some guy emailed me and asked for my MSN ID, telling me he was a fan. Big-headed as I was, I thought he was referring to my also being a games reviewer, and wanted to chat about computer games or tips. As such, add him I did.

Turned out he was a perv who thought that someone who has a sex column would also like dirty talking with strangers. This was not the worst of it. When I told him I did not discuss my personal life with readers, he created a second ID, added me and denied he was the same person. The second time around, he said he was a woman, but made the mistake of saying “I am a fan of yours AS WELL”.The fact I don’t put my MSN ID out in cyberspace also made how he found it (unless u play games) suspect.

After a while, ‘she’ asked how my sex life was and again, I told ‘her’ I don’t discuss it.

“But I thought we are girls, we can talk about our personal things!”

followed by

“Isn’t it unfair if I tell you my personals things and u don’t tell me yours!”

I told my husband last night and he could not stop laughing, telling me the f***ker probably had his pants down and a chubby, waiting for me to say something dirty so he could start spanking his monkey.

“This is so cool! You have pervert fans who stalk you! I am so proud of you!” was his reply.

What does a woman have to do to get some respect around here?

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Last week was my first back in the print publication business. Yes, I am back in the business, as editor of the to-be-published GameAxis Unwired Malaysia.

On Friday, I almost had an anxiety attack looking at the pages and pages to fill. It’s been five years since I’ve done this. Ambivalence assails me.

I finally have the job I’ve always dreamt of and I’m having cold fingers.

Dead cold.

Gulp. Someone hand me a fag!

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