This week, I wrote a story on whether men should make noise when they have sex in my ‘infamous’ MSN Women column. I had not touched on sex for a couple of months now and thought I’d spice it up this week for fun.

Yesterday, some guy emailed me and asked for my MSN ID, telling me he was a fan. Big-headed as I was, I thought he was referring to my also being a games reviewer, and wanted to chat about computer games or tips. As such, add him I did.

Turned out he was a perv who thought that someone who has a sex column would also like dirty talking with strangers. This was not the worst of it. When I told him I did not discuss my personal life with readers, he created a second ID, added me and denied he was the same person. The second time around, he said he was a woman, but made the mistake of saying “I am a fan of yours AS WELL”.The fact I don’t put my MSN ID out in cyberspace also made how he found it (unless u play games) suspect.

After a while, ‘she’ asked how my sex life was and again, I told ‘her’ I don’t discuss it.

“But I thought we are girls, we can talk about our personal things!”

followed by

“Isn’t it unfair if I tell you my personals things and u don’t tell me yours!”

I told my husband last night and he could not stop laughing, telling me the f***ker probably had his pants down and a chubby, waiting for me to say something dirty so he could start spanking his monkey.

“This is so cool! You have pervert fans who stalk you! I am so proud of you!” was his reply.

What does a woman have to do to get some respect around here?


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