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Yes, yes. It’s been months. What can I say? Blogging is writing and I do enough of that everyday.

Nevertheless, I found some time to update our family photosite. Have a look.

The darndest happened yesterday. I reprimanded Raeven for not taking her shoes off when she came home. She was defiant and just bawled. I gave her a few whacks on her behind and she cried louder. And then u know what she did?

She turned around and handed me our house phone (unplugged) and told me “phone!” amid all the tears. Not just the receiver, but the whole phone. And when I tried to show her I was firm at her removing her shoes, she took up the receiver, phone unit still in hand, and put it against my ear, saying tearfully, “PHONE!”

The nonsense of it just cracked me up. My two-year old has learnt advanced tactics of not only making mommy forget about being angry, but also to burst out in laughter!

My husband just marvelled at the ingenuity of it. I told him if he dared to try that on me…


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