My first party after 3.5 years!

Yesterday, along with a few lui paos (Cantonese slang for girl friends), I went for my first club outing after a three-year hiatus from the scene, and for the grand re-opening, I went to the opening of Cream in Renaissance Hotel.

Purveyed by the owners of the ex-Viva, Cream looks a lot like its Eastin predecessor. For someone who’s not clubbed in a while, I experienced a slight cultural shock. One stark realisation: the men dress better these days. Is Queer Eye here and nobody told me?

Realisation #2: Progressive house does not go well with soda. As I was the designated driver for the night and more importantly, a nursing mom, I allowed myself only a wine cooler and that was only later in the night when my pals and I advanced to Velvet (also a first time for me).

Wednesday nights at Velvet are a treat for a child of the 70s such as me. As I stepped into the moving darkness, Freddy pounded into my bones and brains, telling me another one has bitten the dust. Now this is more like it!

Realisation #3: Mambo nites attract people of my age – and my past. After 16 years of wondering where the bastard went after being used to get rid of another girl, the guy who was my church youth group president in ACS Church Ipoh is seen kissing air in Velvet. Wait a minute – he’s kissing a guy. OMG. My friend Janice asks me,” What did you do to him?!”. Hey, he dumped me and effectively ended our childhood friendship. Perhaps he already knew. I sure didn’t!

Realisation #4: KL is a dangerous place to be at night, despite clubbers and ice cream vendors – is this another new cool I’m not aware of? – thronging the streets. My friend’s clutch got snatched at the corner of Jln Ampang as she and her hubby was legging it to Velvet to join us. That took away my appetite for soda and Rick Astley. With an empty bottle of cooler in my hand, my two gal pals and I linked arms and snuck behind a group of guys to get to our car, schemes of how to dismember snatch thieves all the while spinning in my head. When I reached home, my hubby locked me out ‘accidentally’ (hehe) and it was only 2am!

Ah well, so much for old girls wanting to have fun. Could not wait to slip into my responsible parent role again. Note to self: Next time, bring hubby – so that I have a body guard and another glass of wine!


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