Out of the incubator and into my arms

This morning when I stepped into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where my second daughter Skyler has been staying the last 40+ days, to my utmost delight, the nurses and doctors had deemed her fit enough to be removed from the incubator and into a normal cot.

For the first time in over a month since I gave birth to her, I held Sky. Swaddled in two blankets and covered in a sheet, she looked like a tiny little eskimo, sleeping peacefully. As I picked her up, I whispered a prayer of thanks. Tried to surpress a tear but could not. Nonsensically paranoid, I wondered if my tear contained any germs that would contaminate my freshly scrubbed hands. Nevertheless, I was silently overjoyed and could not contain my proud smiles as two clucking nurses came and fawned over mother and daughter.

It’s nice when people are happy for you, isn’t it?

Since the nurses were everywhere, I could not sneak in a photo/video session. Am hoping tonight with the help of big hubby aka The Wall, I can take a few and post them up here for your viewing pleasure.

Because it’s nice when people are happy for me 🙂

Sigh. So relieved. Nurses say she still needs more time to train her suckling (area around her mouth became blue this morning, which isn’t a good sign). Sister Ching, the neonatalist, said that this is common with premmies because they still can’t do sucking, swallowing and breathe simultaneously. Well, slow and steady.

It’s a good day.


It’s a great day :).


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