New year, new look

I’ve decided to give this blog a revamp since it’s the new year and all. Notice that the comments engine is now Blogger’s resident one, so I must apologise that all of the Haloscan ones have now been effectively wiped out. Well, nothing like a clean slate, right? That’s one of my 2005 resolutions: to be more tidy with my things đŸ™‚

So what other resolutions are up? Well, to lose weight, as always. As it is I can’t find clothes to fit me anywhere these days. Yes, I am THAT fat.

The last resolution (hey, there’s enough on my plate man!) is to embrace humility. I think many times in the past I’ve been quite the attention whore. It’s time to change thatlah. Mother of two already, can’t be like that anymore hehe.

Went and did a spot of shopping today. CNY decorations are up, and nothing else quite cheers me the same way as CNY music, for some reason. Well, my CNYs back in Ipoh were always happy and festive, which must be why I get so in the mood just from hearing the clanging of cymbals and dung-dung-chang tunes.

Time to strip the Xmas tree down and replace the ornaments with ang pow fish and firecrackers!


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