The problem with having a camera these days – and by that, I mean a digital camera – is the sheer number of photos one takes.

Every once in a while, when I get in the mood, I will TRY and sift through the GIGAbytes of photos my husband and I have taken (most of which are of my daughter Raeven). We have three cameras between us, not including two camera phones, so you can imagine how crazy it all becomes after a while. I’ve even got pictures of someone’s infested toenail! Yes! Crazy!

My filing system has become “Camera model-date taken”. Then I look in them and file them according to subject matter and cross refer them to occasions. It’s a little obsessive I know, but if I don’t do it, you can bet my husband won’t! And then what’s going to happen is we will have DVDs of pictures and movies that get shelved because who the hell knows what “Casio-010105” is?!

How nice if someone could offer a service of sifting through your gazillions of pictures and then identifying good ones you can print, eh? Problem is what is good to them might not be good to you. You knowlah, us women.

Oh well. Back to more organising.

See you in a million years.


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