No cheeks for today

I've been wearing a mask around the house yesterday and today. Bought like seven from an SS2 pharmacy for 50 sen each. Reason? I have a BAD flu and do not want to pass it to two-month old Skyler.

"Ha?" asked two-year old Raeven when she saw me making like Doctor Who yesterday.

That's her way of asking a question. Short and sweet.

"Mommy's got a cold, baby," I told her.Which is a shame because last night, she asked for "big hug please?" during bedtime. Forced myself to decline politely, despite wanting desperately to plant my smackers onto those chubby J&J powdered cheeks.

Damn the doctor for not giving me a shot.

ps. So was everyone affected by this afternoon's blackout? I went to the office at 12.20pm. Was going to plug in when the lights flickered once and then gave out completely. Went for lunch and then home again, only to receive an MSN message at about 3pm that the power was back on. Ah well.


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