Ever wanted to sort out your gajillions of digital images but don’t know how to use Photoshop or any of those new fangled thingamajigs?

Check out Google’s FOC (and really spyware-free, ads-free, kinda free) picture management software called PICASA 2 which is only about 3MB in size to download.

It’s pretty full featured for a free app, and more importantly, FUN, to use.

When installed, it will first ask if you want it to scan your computer for all types of images and movie files you have (in case you, like me, are not too organised and have your pics stored in all sorts of files). It then organises them for you CHRONOLOGICALLY, which is REALLY cool since I’ve always grieved about finding time to sort my pics out in a timeline.

Whaddya know, Picasa also has a pretty neat TIMELINE feature that lets you view your pics according to when you took them, in a slideshow format.

And then there are basic things (in basic English) you can do to your pics like crop, straighten, eliminate redeye, the cheeky “I’m feeling lucky” ‘feature’. Also present are the special “wedding picture” effects which are so popular, like “soft focus”, sepia and so on.

And after you’re done, you can print, email, create collages, upload to Blogger (via Hello, also Google’s, which you have to download as well – 1.46MB) or even burn them into a CD (provided you have the necessary hardware, of course).

All in a neat, tasteful little package of only 3MB. Amazing.

ps. Hello is pretty neat as well. It’s a picture sharing app which goes a little something like ICQ but MUCH smaller.

Mucho impressivo!


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