I’m sure y’all have heard the bad news. Star Trek Enterprise has been cancelled after four seasons because the ratings had dipped to 2.9 million from 5.9 million viewers.

Now I’ve watched the prequel since its inception and found it to be entertaining, if not corny at times. While with the whole Xindi and temporal war kafuffle, where it just became tired, it was still interesting. And now with Season Four which I thought started out quite well, I was really looking forward to a good season of exploring. Well, that ain’t going to happen.

One thing though. Did torrents kill the series? Waiting for it to come to Astro was just excruciating. Still, while I am enjoying some HDTV lovin’, I still catch it every Sunday on TV (like reruns!).

I’m basing this on the assumption that most trekkies are geeks and therefore heavy Internet users, of course. Perhaps UPN and Paramount should do some research on this.
I’m sure they’ll see some significant improvements numbers-wise.

Oh well. Like what a friend of mine said – Enterprise will live on in torrents.

I will so miss T’Pol and Trip *sniff*.


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