Of all the crappy mistakes!

One of the curses of technology is the need to save.

Save, save, save. That's what we've been trained to do the moment we threw out our typewriters and Kilometricos. Whether it's clicking on the little diskette icon, hitting CTRL-S or Apple-S, or even binding the save function to a handy F key – we know to save like the good, little over-caffeinated paranoids we all are.

So why did I forget to save? Why did 1.5 hours of my first entry for Sunblogs disappear as soon as as I hit the word "Update" on a, what can only be described as dubious at best, web-based content system?!

Because the word was 'Update" on the cursed button and not "save". Because one should not be made to "Update" like some over-caffeinated paranoid.

CHANGE THE WORD TO "SAVE", you morons!

But the lady who helped me get over my grief was sweet.

"You'll write a better version tonight," she'd said, patting my back like someone who's lost a lot of her articles to that overzealous engine.

That'll teach me to not use Microsoft Word first!


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