Yesterday evening, I made my famous mash potatoes after a ten-year hiatus from the stuff.

Yes, ten years. Could not believe it myself.

The great news is, Lokes loved it. Could not get enough of it. Told me to save some for today, but since I was too lazy to cook during lunch, I sapu-ed the remaining bowl of Jennifer Tai’s Famous Mash Potatoes.

To make YOUR significant halves happy, try this recipe. Goes very well with your own brand of grilled steak (not well with those watching waistlines):

Jennifer Tai’s Famous Mash Potatoes


A whole lotta chopped garlic (like 10 big dinner spoonfuls or three bulbs)

Ideal full cream evaporated milk

Lots of butter

About 20 boiling potatoes (also called waxy potatoes, high in moisture and sugar, low in starch, with thin, yellowish skins)

Bacon bits (you can fry pieces of bacon yourself and then cut them, or get those pre-bottled bits – I like to fry myself)

Salt and lots of pepper to taste


1. Boil unskinned potatoes for about 20 minutes in a big pot of water (add a bit of salt)

2. Mash the ‘tatoes WITH skin (that’s why we get the thin-skinned kind)

3. Heat up butter over gentle fire and when it’s melted, pour in the garlic and stir slowly (don’t overfry!)

4. When garlic turns a bit golden, pour in the ‘tatoes.This should absorb all the butter and garlic.

5. Once all the butter has been absorbed, pour generous amounts of evap milk. I used half the can.

6. Stir until everything is mashy and the milk has also been absorbed.

7. Add salt to taste, and LOTS of pepper – I used Sabah pepper and lots of it too, really added to the taste for those of you who like it hot!

8. Throw in generous amounts of bacon bits, and it’s good to serve.

JT’s Famous Mashed Potatoes can also be stored in the fridge and eaten cold. For a day or twolah, not too long.



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