…I hate the know-it-all most. And I have a theory about these people, those who blatantly thrust themselves into the lead of the pack, mistaking knowledge for wisdom and are so competitive it makes you sick.

One time, the family was invited to a pre-Christmas Sunday school party a few years ago, and there was this mother who forced her son on every one of the little contests for kids under three. She was practically IN all the competitions, and her two-year was just just dragged along for the ride, bawling his little eyes out because Mommy was being too aggressive.

I mean, come the hell on. Ambition is one thing. Exercise a bit of control over that ruthlessnesslah, Auntie. It’s just candybars and balloons, dude.

So back to this insufferable twit I’ve had the lousy fortune to meet – and play WoW with the last couple of weeks.

How do you get off telling people what to do, man? Sure, you’re high level and everything and probably know more than the rest of us, but that doesn’t mean you’re better. Hell, you spend like ten times the time on the thing more than us (and probably buy illegal gold from ebay to fuel your ego). Of COURSE you’re up there. But a leader you sure as hell are not.

What’s with the poor attitude yesterday, giving us flak for being slow and not listening to you? If we’re wasting your precious time, why join us in the first place? Nobody asked you to come along. This IS a game of real people. Didn’t your mother ever teach you that you should at least TRY to be humble? Show a little humilty to be polite? Not shoot that mouth of yours off just because you think you’re some 40-year old L33t g4m3r.

I didn’t sign up to be fucking pushed around, bitch.

Gosh, that felt good!

So, about my theory.

Usually devoid of most socially-required graces, geeks who think they know everything, are the worst. Especially if they’re uncharacteristically verbose. You’d think that these guys who wear pocket protectors don’t say a word, but
there are those who just can’t shut up, and think being outspoken is being clever. Their ego can be as large as their hard disks and they don’t even know it.

Just bought the new PSP? Hey, I got the special kick-your-ass edition that can freakin’ take your blood pressure.

Just levelled to 60? I did it ten years ago.

Just had your first baby? Mine cost me like RM60k.

I mean, wtf. Are you out of your goddamned mind? Like a friend of mine remarked, “What?! You had your baby in the Bahamas ah?”

What’s more, I found out that other geeks actually ALLOW this because hey, if you have it, flaunt it. It’s like some kind of code, that
you’re allowed to be insufferable if you have the goods, good manners be damned.


The next time any of you meet someone like that, I say the moment they start to brag, sorta roll your eyes around and let a little saliva dribble out. Like you’re a moron or something and can’t even double-click, much less debate on the finer points of One Million Ways You Can Launch Your Web Browser.

Damn diu man.

ps. I edited this magnificent post so that it will HURT a little bit more…


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