Don’t scratch that itch

The next time you are bored with your Windows Desktop and wanna change the theme, make sure your display engine isn't already screwed up by some idiotic program like StyleXP which you didn't pay for and hence, decides to show you what leftover code than do to your already messed up machine.

I did that and guess what? Classic Windows didn't work so good, turned my Windows pitch black. As in, the only things I could see were icons, and clicking didn't help either because the pop ups were black, with no words. In short, I was navigating like phracking Stevie Wonder in there for a good hour before I got the good sense to use Windows Restore (God bless the day I turned my Restore on).

So either go and turn on your Restore or don't bloody touch your display if you didn't pay for StyleXP.

Learn a new thing everyday!

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