No, not my meegoo. I’m half thinking whether or not I should sue.

Anyway, Meegos is a new toy you can plug into your MSN Messenger that I foresee will be all the rage with the young ‘uns.

Think those nicely drawn animated portraits at Yahoo Messenger but a more cutesy and customisable version.

An animated male or female Meego lets you play dress up, where you can pick tops, bottoms, shoes, sunnies, hats, earrings and even hand phones to give your Meego that distinct personality you think will make people go “Wahhhhh!” or “What’s wrong with you, dude?”

You can also set backgrounds of say, the beach, or school (why would anyone do that) and give your Meego pets or a skateboard et al.

Be warned though, that one Meego will set you back RM4 by SMS or two for RM7.60 via credit card. Three will cost you RM10.45. SMS is of course the easiest way you can do this. You send ‘MGO’ to 36676, they respond with a Pin, you key in the pin into a given field and you can then download the Meego right into your MSNger.

There’s no trial (you have to pay the RM4 minimum to give this a twirl).

You will need the funky new MSNger 7.0 for it to work. See full requirements here.

So what DO these Meegos do except to make your MSNger look all pretty and cute? Apart from the fun they’ll give you with the many ways you can customise their look, Meegos respond to your emoticons when you chat with others.

May be a little tame to you but many of us take very little to be entertained. Especially for four bucks.

Money well spent?

If you’re into the whole, I wanna show the online world my personality, thing. Then it’ll TOTALLY work.

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