A small argument as been boiling in my blog with reference to my Fat Finally Wins entry (and I thought nobody ever reads my stuff). Wanted to put in my two sen but was too long. Here it goes:

Firstly, everyone, calm down. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. It’s the chickenshits who don’t post their email adds/web URLs that annoy me. Still, they are the ones that make your blog famous, don’t they?

Fu/StoplivinginDenial – presumably ure the same person who may be thin and beautiful but can’t own up to your own opinions by leaving an email add/website. Same to the other guy.

Fat is ugly, but it’s not unhealthy, as this research proves. That’s the point in contention here (once you try to talk about it in a civil manner and not be a bitch about it).

We’re talking about health vs vanity here. Isn’t that all that matters in the end? How one can live longer? Read the op-ed in NYT (did you even?). What if your ‘ideal’ weight is a few stones more? Or even more than that? Are you willing to die earlier for your vanity when they declare that the ideal weight, is being overweight by today’s stds?

Talking about fat women – what about fat men? I bet more fat men are hitched than fat women. We girls don’t really care after a certain stage (age?). This leads to the whole, I want to do it for myself, it’s not for others bullcrap. You go to the gym and go on a diet to look at yourself in the mirror all day? Purlees. You wanna walk into a room and elicit dirty thoughts from vain men and jealous women. Fu’s points clearly prove that people should be thin and beautiful for others more than for health OR themselves. Vanity, at its finest.

I’m overweight, and so is my husband. We’re happily married and have two beautiful children. We go for our med checkups yearly and the doctors are always surprised by how healthy we both are with no problems of any kind.

Can you say the same for yourself?

Perhaps some of us don’t really care about what others think. Yes, there are people on this earth whose happiness does not hinge on the acceptance of others.

Having said this, I did mention that there IS such a thing as being too fat, which has nothing to do with being attractive. Some exercise never hurt anyone. You just don’t need a thousand-a-month personal trainer, s’all.


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