Today, I found out that a source of mine passed away almost two weeks ago, due to a road accident.

Nobody told me until 20 minutes ago.

I didn’t reallly know David. Didn’t even know he was one of those bikers who frequently participated in those North-South road trips

On the way back from Thailand, tragedy struck.

I met David during the course of my work for Gameaxis. In fact, he’d become one of most reliable sources, being a cafe owner himself.

David was a fount of knowledge, and always keen to share. Despite his busy schedule, he always had time to clue me in to the politics in the business, and his information did more than inform. He prepared me when Gameaxis made its entry April last year, and constantly gave me constructive criticism, even when at times, I was not ready to accept what he had to say.

I cannot believe that he is gone.

I am staring at his phone number on my mobile, and am drunk with shock.

I cannot believe that I can no longer call David. My source. My mentor.

I am grief-stricken.


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