Somebody shtop meh!

So it’s been kinda crazy around here. PC Fairlah, upcoming WCGlah, before that CELgameslah.

A large part of me wonders if I’ll be able to cope with being a full-time mom and all, after this madness.

But really, I’ve been kinda disconnected, having lost many a waking hour to WoW (don’t click on it if you know what’s good for you). Yesterday, I spent all day just holding Skyler with one hand and trying to kick Drak’s ass on another. It’s not good, I know, but this post isn’t about what’s good. It’s about me. Handing Drak’s behind back to him. With one hand.

Perhaps I’m becoming a little too big for my Wildheart Boots.

Wait a minute, I don’t got no Wildheart Boots.

Mother Smoulderweb, here I come.


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