There are revolutions, and there’s THE Revolution. Nintendo unveiled its, urm, revolutionary Revolution controller this morning at the Tokyo Game Show, which looks like – you guessed it – a remote control (how many mentions of Revolution can you find?).

First thoughts – using that controller for over 15 minutes is going to be tricky. Normal controllers you can rest on your lap or at least an elbow, but with this one? Also, now you have to get your wrist action on SERIOUS alongside the usual thumbing. Some pallid Nintendo nerds are gonna be building some serious wrist and arm muscles, let me tell you that much.

Here, check it out:

…and tell me it’s not Revolutionary.

Not very practical, but Revolutionary indeed.

Marauderz managed, as he always does, to find the ad/trailer that was shown at TGS. You can see now how the remote is intended to function. Play the conductor, the drummer, the fly-fisher, the mosquito-catcher (?), the sushi maker, the swordsman, the Silent Hill-er – the possibilities just come flying from the ad. One thing’s for sure – this is not one console/controller for people intending to get some R&R while gaming.

Marauderz said he’s sold. For me? Very tempting. I was set on the PS3 just because of the keyboard/mouse/PSP plugins. Now I’m not so sure.


Update 170905: Wired’s Chris Kohler – the lucky bastard – got to try out the remote at TGS. Check it out.

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