Cost me a pretty penny but gosh, is it gorgeous. Look at it!

And now for the punchline: I don’t have ANY games to play with!

Gripes: The battery hatch is a bit cacat, doesn’t lock properly and when it IS in, doesn’t FEEL as though it’s secure. Also, when connecting your USB cable, becareful – you MUST get your USB on before plugging the cable in, or the whole damn thing hangs. It did on me.

Sweet: The browser, the screen, the prisine white buttons. The fact that I OWN this baby!

Now if only I had some games. That’s it. Gonna go get Metal Gear Acid tomorrow if possible!

UPDATE 170905: Went to One U, old wing, and bought myself a second-hand MGA for RM100. What luck! Excellent turn-based tactics game.

I also found out from one of the shops (Wizard, I think) that the crack for the 2.0 firmware is coming out, and you can soon buy a 1GB Mem Stick to load THREE games. One 1GB Mem Stick is about RM400+.

Original PSP games are selling at RM239 in One U, so you can see where this is going.

I’m going to stick to my second-hand UMD games for now. Anyone know where to get Namco Museum, Lumines or Puzzle Bobble, second-hand?


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