Death is all around

Just found out this morning that our PM’s wife has passed on. A week ago, an old (younger) acquaintance lost his fight with liver cancer. He’d only survived a few months after the diagnosis.

There is a large lump of unexplainable fear somewhere in my chest. I know it’s because I’ve not gone for a blood test in almost two years.

I was diagnosed as Hep-B positive during my first pregnancy (got it from my mom because she is a HBV carrier), and I’ve been religiously going for blood tests every six months since, until I was pregnant again with Skyler. When you’re a chronic Hep B patient, you need to check your e-Antigen levels regularly, to see if they’ve gone up. If they have, it means your virus is active and your body is secreting e-antigens to try and fight it. I also need to check my ALT levels.

The fear of cancer, is cancerous.

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