Thank you, Mei, for highlighting this incident to me.

Many people have had a say on this matter. Don’t mind if I do!

Firstly, while I don’t agree that one should openly advocate using toilets for the disabled, I have been guilty of this terrible deed, more than once.

Okay, twice.

Okay, more than twice.

Hey, I have two kids. Bloody pram doesn’t fit in a normal-sized toilet, and not all public restrooms have mommy toilets, so I have a good excuse!

Anyway, I am spending precious time blogging about this (and not playing Quake 4) because it made me realise something important: that perhaps quite a few of us are just leaping into this whole blogging thing a little too callously. We’re not being careful enough. Of what we write about. Of who reads our stuff, and what they might do. Of who we endorse.

To be fair, I think it’s a little odd that these guys are pulling their endorsement because Xiaxue was inappropriate. I have been to her blog off and on for a year now, and it’s anything BUT kosher. Her transgressions are why she’s so hot, so if you want the eyeballs, you’ve got to take the eye, urh, crap as well, right? That’s what I think.

So here’s the question: Are blogs a safe media to endorse? Do we deserve to be taken seriously by potential advertisers? Should bloggers which are profiting monetarily from endorsements and advertising, be bound by a code of conduct (much as traditional media are)?


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