A visit to the doctor’s

Finally succumbing to The Hubby’s incessant grumbling, I went for my medical today. I used to do a blood test every six months because of my Hep B, but I’ve not gone since I was last pregnant, which makes it almost two years now. A lot of worry. Not much sleep. Worst of all, I have to wait two weeks to get my results since it’s the hols and everything, which sucks. And I didn’t get to do my kidneys since the radiologist is already on leave. Good news is, a preliminary reading from my gastroentologist says externally, I don’t seem to show any sign of sickness (although she did say I should get some exercise in, to slow down my heart rate). Since my gynae is ALSO on leave (and both of them are Chinese, so go figure), Dr Goh (gastro/GP) also did me a PAP smear (ain’t she great?). She wasn’t even properly equipped for it, but the little trooper of a lady just borrowed a desk lamp and got to it!

No lumps, no cloudiness of the lungs, no pains whatsoever. She tentatively gave me a clean bill of health, for now. Until I get my blood work, I’m going to be happy with THIS piece of news.

This morning at about 7am, The Hubby woke up and gave me a big hug. Told me he had a nightmare, where something bad happened to me. Called me once during my checkup to check up on me, just to make sure I didn’t chicken out. Sweet man. I guess he IS more worried about me, than me, coz he’s NEVER put much stock in his dreams (as men of his macho stature never do). Not that I believe in dreams, but you know.

Ah well. Nanowrimo starts tomorrow. Wish me luck!



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