Delicious Cheesy Chicken Veggie Mash (for >8mths babies)

This is a simple form of chicken + veggie mash you can make for your infants over eight months old. I am feeding this to Sky, who’s ten months now (corrected age).

Ingredients (makes about four meals):
Two carrots
One potato
One tomato
One drumstick with thigh
Cheese stick (for kids) – I usually use Arla Kids Sticks

1. Dice up all the veggies and put them together with washed drumstick/thigh on a plate.
2. Heat up water in a wok and steam everything for about 20 mins. Make sure chicken is well cooked.
3. Throw everything, including the juices resulting from the steam, into a blender. Toss in cheese stick and blend to a mash.

To store:
1. Freeze mash in ice tray. I recommend those flexi rubber trays from Ikea because when the mash IS frozen, you will need to ‘fold’ the tray and water the bottom part of the tray to make it easier for the cubes to dislodge.
2. When frozen hard (usually overnight), remove mash cubes and place in zipper freezer bags. Can keep for one month (mark date of production on your bags if you want, although they usually finish in a few days!).
3. Simply heat up using a microwave for 1.5-2 minutes before serving. Make sure to let it cool down!

Note: If you have a toddler, like I do (three years old), you can steam more and then put aside one drumstick and some of the veggies, cut into smaller pieces, to go with rice. The soup from the veggies and chicken is delicious with rice and a bit of soy sauce. This is great since you can make one meal for both kids!


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