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TV ads still work

Thanks to an ad on TV today about RSV Protection, I’m taking my two girls in January to get their Synagis jabs since it will still be winter and that’s apparently RSV season. Skyler is a premature baby and thus, stands a high risk of not only getting this common infection, but it may become severe.

So glad I turned on the TV!


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The Burlington Coat Factory experience

Five coats (three big, two small), four bras, two blouses, one jeans, four little two-piece sets, one pair of sandals, one pair of gloves, one scarf.

All for USD353.

Yea, we went shopping, at the Burlington Coat Factory in Auburn. OMG. It’s those premium discount outlets at a place called the Supermall, and I shopped until Lokes literally dropped because he was so tired from not having slept (but he was the one who dragged me all the way out there in the first place).

The last time we did this was in Camarillo (thanks to your sis, ‘Zel!) and Pimm’s outside Vegas during our honeymoon. It’s not very safe, us, plus-size clothes for half the price and all. Who can resist sandals for US1.88?!

You’ve got stuff from all the Kleins: Anne, Calvin and some guy called Charles (!?). You’ve got J.Lo and DKNY. You’ve got Polo. I got this lovely Jones and New York hooded leather suede coat for USD80:

Situated in a district called Auburn 1.5 hours from Redmond (because we got lost trying to get there), Supermall is a cluster of ‘premium’ outlets, a name given to shops selling branded stuff for huge discounts. You have regular shops here as well but we never even STEPPED out of Burlington. Two hours later, shopping bags-laden, we were just too tired to go any further.

Ah well. 1.5 hours and all the stuff we got, was enough. By the time we were driving back, Lokes was falling asleep at the wheel (but would not let me drive!) and it was already dark out. Only 5.30pm and it looked like it was 8pm. So weird.

It’s now almost 8am on a wet and cold Tuesday morning. Brewed some coffee at our serviced apartment:

Oh yea, and the Christmas decorations have already gone up:

This is near our hotel. Lokes is going to be here to enjoy his first Christmas next month! So excited for him!

Okay, back to coffee and trying to wake the big man up for some breakie.


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My first frost

I love Seattle.

And I’ve only been here two hours.

I’ve seen the pictures. I’ve watched the documentaries. But nothing quite prepares you for the experience of walking around in 0 degrees Celcius, white chilly air puffing from your nose and mouth as you speak. I am wearing like three layers of clothing over my ‘natural insulation’, and am still feeling cold.

Call me a country bumpkin, but this is simply amazing.

Seattle is covered in white. The trees are hues of brown, pink, orange and white. The grass is frosted over. So are cars which have been sitting out overnight. The town centre where our hotel is, is deserted.

Today’s milestones: Breathed chilly air. Drove a PT Cruiser out of the airport for like five minutes on the right side of the road (totally freaked out since I’ve not driven any other car but my Sorento since I got my lesen). Had breakfast of hashbrowns, pancakes and omelette at Denny’s in Bellevue. And right now, am roasting in the warmth of central heating at the Marriott Residence Inn at the heart of Redmond Town Centre, blogging for y’all. All the while wondering if the kids will be able to adjust to this weather. Of course, the husband is just ecstatic, walking around in just a shirt and jeans. He’s made of solid wood, I tell ya (all applying puns intended).

Some pics:

This will never happen in Malaysia. Check out the completely empty car-pool lane, for cars with >two people. It was unbelievable. I actually looked closely at all the cars we passed and they, sure enough, contained only drivers. Saw this in LA as well the last time.

And this might be home, if the price is right.

It’s a gated condo cluster right in the city, called Chelsea Square. Very pretty.

I’m exhausted. Gonna go take a nap. Lokes has gone for his meetings, poor thang. Gonna take a walk later and take more pics.

Wished the kids were here.


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Wasting time at Narita

After about seven hours, we finally arrived at Narita Airport, our stopover for nine hours en route to Seattle. Didn’t manage to sleep much because although JAL is comfortable, our plane was oddly very stuffy. The Hubby was sweating, getting cranky, drinking lots of Diet Coke to keep cool.

Narita brings back memories. I’ve been here once before when Lokes and I went for our honeymoon back in 2003. Nothing much has changed, except for the fact that we have more time to waste. So I took lots of pics.

Like these:

Sort of like those newfangled piss bowls for the ladies’ toilet which you ‘kungfu’ over, except this one’s right there on the floor. No platform. Not elevated. Almost put my foot in there too.

And then there are the ‘air towels’. Gotta love the Japanese-English. This thing kept blowing up my blouse as I leaned over to check my face. Didn’t want to lean over the basin and get myself wet. It’s not very practical to put this here, Narita designers.

The gratuitous loving couple pic. Notice the swollen face and eyes. Or is it just me?

More pics and updates when I become bored. Internet access here is dirt cheap. 500yen for 24 hours (about US$5 aka RM20).

p/s: Miss the kids so very much.


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Leaving for Seattle…for a week

At the airport now, having a latte, logging in to check emails (despite knowing I’m NOT going to be getting many emails since I’m now a bum) and play WoW to basically wile away two hours before boarding.

Been a crazy weekend just trying to get our car sold and packing and trying to make sure everything is okay before we go off for a week. Already miss my two girls. We thought since this is just going to be a short trip, we’ll make it a sort-of second honeymoon cum trial run cum my orientation to Seattle (never been there).

Feelings: Excitement. Trepidation. Worry. Seems like there are a million things I’ve not written down for my mom and in-laws to follow. I know. I know. Like The Hubby says, who else is better to take care of our kids than them? Why should I worry?

I dunno. Maybe I just miss them so much already. Hugging them just now I really didn’t want to let go. I really am very lucky to have such beautiful little girls who bring so much joy to us.



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WoW, unplugged

Fantasyflightgames (the guys making this here game) has posted a preview of the up and coming board game for this insanely popular MMORPG.

(game actually IS huge – weighs 10 pounds)

Some excerpts:
– features 16 playable characters from every race and class available in the online game.
– how to play:

At the beginning of the game, the characters are distributed so that there are an equal number of Heroes in each Faction – either two or three. Heroes begin at level 1, with some pre-selected abilities and equipment, as well as a small amount of gold with which to purchase more. Horde Heroes begin in the town of Brill, just outside the Undercity, whereas Alliance Heroes are freshly arrived in Southshore, on the coast.

On each Faction turn, every Hero of that Faction may take two actions – travel, rest, challenge, training, or visiting town. Using these actions, Heroes travel across the map to complete quests by defeating monsters. For every quest completed, the Heroes gain experience and wealth, which can allow them to level up and gain new powers and abilities. As they progress from level 1 to level 5 (the apex of power in World of Warcraft: the Board Game and equivalent to level 60 in the online game), Heroes become capable of challenging the mightiest of monsters – dread Doomguard, mighty drakes, and even the nigh-invincible Overlord!

Gnoll, Murloc, Ghoul, Ogre, Drake, Infernal, Naga, Scarlet Crusader, Doomguard, Spider, Worgen, Wildkin. They’re all represented by 100+ figures provided in the game. Heck, the Doomguard figure alone is almost as big as your fist!

As characters advance, players must make choices as to which powers to train and equip, and which talents to learn. By mixing and matching their abilities and the equipment they receive during their travels, Heroes can develop new and interesting combinations. The innovative dice system allows for great depth in a simple rules framework. By rolling and “spotting” different colors of dice to trigger different abilities, Heroes can vanquish even the most dread opponents and entire groups of enemy players!

To win, the Heroes must be the first Faction to defeat the Overlord, whether that arch-fiend is Kel’Thuzad, Lord Kazzak, or the drake Nefarian. If time runs out and neither Faction has won, the victor is decided by an all-out Faction-versus-Faction battle, and to the winner go the spoils!

To win, the Heroes must be the first Faction to defeat the Overlord, whether that arch-fiend is Kel’Thuzad, Lord Kazzak, or the drake Nefarian. If time runs out and neither Faction has won, the victor is decided by an all-out Faction-versus-Faction battle, and to the winner go the spoils!

To win, the Heroes must be the first Faction to defeat the Overlord, whether that arch-fiend is Kel’Thuzad, Lord Kazzak, or the drake Nefarian. If time runs out and neither Faction has won, the victor is decided by an all-out Faction-versus-Faction battle, and to the winner go the spoils!

Read the rules (3MBs of it in PDF format).

Now you don’t need an Internet connection or RM44/63 a month to play the game!

Yih Yang, are you reading this?



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This morning, I woke up and during my coffee, decided to download some of the photos in my camera. Filing them by dates taken, I thought it would be a good idea to sort them out, but then wondered if I should do them later, see if I have anything more urgent waiting.

And then it hit me: I have NOTHING more urgent to do. Because I am officially jobless, as of yesterday, the 25th of November 2005.

For the first time in my life, I have TOTALLY no source of income. Last time, even when I’d gone freelancing full-time, I had like two jobs under my belt. Now, nothing. It feels SO weird. And scary.

But just means I get more time with kids, WoW and THIS:



No it’s not what you think it is. Although it really could be, but no.

It’s a handheld electric massager, courtesy of the folks in the office. Very thoughtful guys. I’m gonna probably need a transformer to hook it up in the States, but it is well worth it. I never knew it could feel SO good. Almost could double for that other thing.





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