6724 words!

Gonna hit 10k by Monday. Hopefully.

Getting really trashy too. And although Roy has been really inspiring, I’m going to try and keep the carpet munching part  – – for later.

Hey, don’t use the good ideas all at once right? Still have 43k words to go man.

Follow Vivian Wong’s adventures here.



  1. Roy Ho said

    Mills and Boons/Lat combination fried rice with lontong and ketupat on the side.

    How bout this for a real adventure…

    Fast forward 5 years, post tear-jerking, tampon-ingesting and traumatic breakup.

    Vivian metamorphs into a man-hating, paranoid carpet muncher, who starts seeing an ambitious, fresh, corporate banker…with a dodgy bankground. Sold into sexual slavery at the age of 15, she and her younger sister, after being kidnapped in Tawau were seperated. She ran away from the brothels of Hong Kong, and prostituted herself in Australia to earn enough money to obtain a finance degree…and found work in a multi-national locally owned investment bank.

    Sleeping her way to the top, Nicola (said carpet muncher) and Vivian carry on a shaky relationship….with conflicts abound on the direction of Nicola’s materialistic view of life, and Vivian’s need for companion ship on a constant basis….sharing their joint hatred of men.

    Ironically…the bank which Nicola works for, is majority-controlled by a localised consortium..led by Jeff’s family, of which he is the sole heir.

    After getting married to a docile Malay woman, whom his parents love..he is placed in charge of the consortium and appoints himself on the board of the bank.

    Jeff’s loins are brought to the forefront in the confrontational boardroom joust of the newly promoted Head of Trading Nicola, and starts making advances to her…in hope of an office tyrst.

    Unknown to Vivian, Nicola entertains Jeff to some degree….with a view on his position straddle firmly between her legs. They commence to have a lurid office affair, and Nicola brings faking an orgasm to a new, unattainable level.

    Vivian finally finds out this is going on via another lesbian who works with Nicola, who is immensely attracted to Vivian, after meeting her one day at Sunway Lagoon, and seeing her in a bikini.

    Vivian confronts Nicola and they both get into an altercation of sorts…before making up and agreeing to hatch a diabolical fraud scheme to obtain control of Jeff’s assets in the bank and bankrupting his family.

    So. Fast forward 10 chapters of descriptive sex, lies and videotape.

    -Nicola forgets to take her birth control pills, and gets pregnant.

    -Jeff’s wife is diagnosed as barren and unable to have children.

    -Nicola and Vivian manage to obtain control over Jeff’s shareholding, as he is completely lost in the Oscar winning performance of Nicola’s affections.

    -Nicola has a revelation, she and her unborn son can be the heir to the family fortune.

    -Vivian tries to convince Nicola to give up the charade, sell the shareholding and run off to Vanuatu with her.

    -Jeff finds out the whole story, through a Filipino maid he hires, who in the past career used to work for Nicola, and ran away after sexual advances were made on her.

    -Jeff, distraught and in despair, commits suicide through an overdose of tongkat ali, sandwiched between two prostitutes in Bangkok.

    -Vivian, when she finds out about the unborn child and Jeff’s death, hangs herself with rose scented jut rope.

    -Nicola, freed of Vivian’s emotionally demanding state, independently wealthy, and bearer of the single heir to Jeff’s family fortune, makes a public appearance of being Jeff’s mistress and legally makes a claim.


    The filipino maid, who has also had an affair with Jeff is also pregnant..with a son!!!. And Nicola, who finds out her child is a daughter loses precedence to the maid’s unborn prince to the throne.

    So she plots to kill the maid, but hiring thugs…but things go awry and the plot fails, the thugs apprehended and she is brought to court. The maid then makes an appearance in court and tells under oath the whole story start to finish.

    Nicola completes the vicious cycle of her life….kidnapped, prostituted, sexually abused, sexually used, coercion, blackmail, fraud, attempted murder…and is sentenced to life imprisonment…where she is once more the target of sexual abuse by local guards.

    The maid, because the toast of the family for saving their inheritance, and her new born son is feted on.

    Only one slight problem. In a final twist…the genealogy of the maid’s heritage brings her back to Tawau…where she too was kidnapped at a young age…and brought to the Phillipines for sexual slavery……

    Please send all royalties to me. You heard it here first.

  2. Roy Ho said

    Edit: Second last paragraph…

    The maid, because of the contribution, becomes….

  3. Jenn said

    You pliagariser! And reader of romance novels/friends’ blogs (and most probably, unabashed watcher of beta-taped South American soaps).

    But wow. You sly trash writing genius.

  4. Roy Ho said

    Trust me. Its a Pulitzer.

    Just remember in your acknowledgements to insert my genius influence.

    Thats the whole book. Go for your life.

  5. aly said

    i like ur version better Jenn! keep it up! i can hardly wait to read the rest >:D

  6. Roy Ho said


  7. Janice said

    Sex, lies, and videotape? I’m impressed, bro. You’ve come a long way from American Pie III. Since when do you watch arty movies?

    I’m gonna read your novel, Jenn–but it’s 11:30 p.m. here, so it’ll have to wait till tomorrow!

  8. jenntai said

    OMG, no!

    Just remember to do so before meals. Not exactly appetising. Works better than Zone.

  9. Roy Ho said

    You plebians just can’t accept the fact that a materialistic stockbroker immersed in financial markets is able to come up with Danielle Steele quality thrash within 10 minutes of contemplation over a sandwich.

    100% originality sister…no arty farty movies, no brazilian beta tape soap operas…whipped up in 10-curried egg salad sandwich inspired minutes.

    Actually, there is a slight plagiarism from Jeffrey Archer, but only subtly….see if you can spot it.

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