Nanowrimo-ing and lazing the holidays away

Time truly flies when you’re having fun. And more so when you’re just lazing the hours away reading, gaming and trying to write a novel.

I’ve been in a slightly weird place lately. While writing The Dreams of Vivian Wong, I’ve been having some mildly disturbing dreams myself. In one, I was walking around in a shopping centre shoeless. Another had me going to work without brushing my teeth. Don’t know if they mean anything. Anyone into dream interpretation?

I’ve also managed to stay away from World of Warcraft for almost a month. Not that I’ve been good or anything. Been playing Age of Empires III online instead, and that is one awesome game, if you like RTSes.

Also been catching up on some reading: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. In the mood for a classic.

Have also been spending much time with the kids. Skyler turned one just yesterday. Had ourselves a small family party for the little girl. Gonna put some pics later, here.

Time also flies when you have kids. I spent a moment recalling the dreadful episode of having my baby prematurely, and thanked my God again that everything worked out. Skyler is a healthy and cheerful girl, eats well and brings so much joy to us.

Ah well. Back to work tomorrow!



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