It’s official.

Welp. It’s official.

Come January, earliest, the Tans will be moving to Seattle, Washington. The Husband has been posted there and after months of paperwork, we have finally gotten our visas today, which I guess finalises the whole thing. I’ve been telling myself to take it easy for half a year. Now that we have our visas, it means I have to get a move on things. Just thinking about it makes me a little dizzy. Income tax closures, selling the car, taking care of our insurance paperwork, the whole messy business of packing…I’m just the absolute worst at these things, and am already feeling the stress.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to shed a few kilos.

The bad news is, I don’t think I’ll be able to complete my Nanowrimo novel. I have a big feature to write for my last issue with GameAxis and our company anniversary is next week, so I’m just swarmed with to-dos. Just going to get info on our state of financial affairs this morning was enough to drive a person up the wall. The whole of yesterday was spent queueing outside the US embassy. Am simply glad that part is over.

I must say the experience at the embassy was quite interesting. I had fully expected to be grilled but thanks to the overzealous pile of paperwork prepared by The Hubby’s legal department, our application and interviews progressed somewhat uneventfully. Anti-climatic but during our two hours at the chancery, my fears were not unsubstantiated. Two male Chinese applicants who could not satisfy the visa criteria, were promptly rejected and because the interviews were conducted in open counter formats, you could hear how the questions were asked and how they were answered. In short, it can be a gruellingly embarassing experience if one is not prepared. That these two guys went before us really intensified my panic. Although one of them pretty much deserved what was coming to him, what with the anwers he was giving:

Officer: What kind of business are you doing in the US?
Man in full suit: Something big.

Oh my.

Lesson learnt: Dressing formally has no bearing on one’s visa application.

Welp. The second biggest adventure of my life has just begun (the first was my turning into a parent overnight 3.5 years ago).

Wish me luck.



  1. Janice said

    My god–I drop by to read about Vivian Wong and see this instead!! Can I come visit?? I guess Vivian won’t be getting into a lesbian relationship with Nicola, after all…..

  2. Mei said

    Can I come visit too???? *grin*

  3. Jenn said

    Of course!

    Whatever to keep u from reading the novel, Janice LOL

  4. Roy said

    The fact that she remembered the plot illustrates how breath taking my ten minute rojak prose can be.

    Grats to the posting, lokes, and grats to the visas being passed. You’ll have a ball in the city of Frasier.

    Man…zero ping. How good is that?

  5. H said

    Seattle is a very very beautiful city. Don’t let the rain get to you though…

  6. simmie said

    I know exactly how you felt when I came home to do my work visa. The person before was rejected right on the spot.

    Oooh…if you’re ever in the Minnesota area. Let me know. I’ll be glad to show you around!!!

  7. Jenn said

    Simmie! And anytime you’re up NW, come visit please! We need all the friends we can get!

    I don’t know how well I’d adjust there but it’s going to be exciting. I haven’t started doing ANYTHING yet, just want to get work out of the way first.

    H: Yea, The Hubby has been there several times and tells me I’ll love it. I really hope so!

  8. Roy said

    The rain would be the best part imo. Nothing like dark, moody and melancholy weather to bring out the best of the human spirits.

    Best feelings I’ve ever got was to look out of my office in the middle of the night, 26 floors up and its pissing down rain to see the city sprawled across with the lights sporadically on in ever building…forget nature man….thats where mankind’s spirit lives.

    You’re gonna get a ton of that in Seattle. While you’re there, look up my mate DeBont. He’s recently got a job with the big Gates in Seattle, transferred from Brisbane.

  9. Froststone said

    Finally the day comes for farewell and parting of friends going there. Well.. I’m a PJ homeboy.. I see more people that I know leaving PJ making the place quieter than ever.

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