Dealing with Parting

Yesterday, I broke the news of my going to the US to my aunt over the phone.

She didn’t take it very well.

My Koo Ma (big sis of my dad’s) took care of me when I was a kid, while my parents were working. She was the one who cooked my meals and sang me songs to sleep. Attended every single one of my school concerts and PTA meetings and sports days and children’s days. In effect, she was my second mom.

Koo Ma is now 73 years old and has severe rheumatism that prevents her from moving around too much. She is also primary caregriver to my 90-year old uncle who is still able-bodied, but needs constant care because he suffered a stroke a few years ago which left some of his faculties permanently weakened.

With all this, my Koo Ma isn’t as mobile as one would like to be.

And it just hit me that with the state of things (it’s not like we have the money or time to fly home even once a year, every year) and the state of her health (she IS 73), she might never see me or the kids (who are her ONLY grandkids) again after we leave, beyond the visit we have promised each other next month. The finality of our move solidified and sunk in with that realisation, and I too, cried.

This is going to be harder than I thought.



  1. Asther said

    I, too, will be missing you all so very much! Sob! Sob! Although we haven’t spend as much time together as we should be (as family & neighbors), there is a heart-felt bond created between your family and myself. Oh it makes me very very sad now.

    BUT… Have to look at the bright side. It’s for the better in the future! It’s Loke’s dream come true as well. Definitely a huge change for the whole family but let’s make it a BETTER change. 🙂

    AND… Francis & I will have one more reason to save up for the trip back to the US. Hehehe… To visit you all! ;P

  2. jenntai said

    Aiyo hehe don’tlah.

    Yea, it’s a good thing for all of us too. Great experience, at the very least.

    Yes, please do!

  3. Froststone said


    Wahhh… The last time u mention to me that u leaving GameAxis. Now you going to US.. Wahh…. so no more Auntie Jenn and Uncle Loke anymore here. PJ has become even quieter here.

    Where there is a horizon a voyager to set its distance,
    Fortune and Stability is up to grab,
    Nothing comes in a rainfall and where the rainbows end,
    All gains will be from your hearts and love.

    One day we will all meet again and the horizon is set again.

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