Shameless chickenshit twits

Since I’ve started blogging more than two years ago, I’ve discovered a pet peeve that not only irks me to no end, but has made me realise just how emotionally and mentally unprepared many of us are when faced with the opportunity of voicing our opinions online.

Before we had blogs, the proliferation of sites were limited by the difficulty of creating one from scratch. Not everyone could and more importantly, not everyone wanted to. It was just too much work.

But all that was before Blogger’s Push-Button Publishing, which drove the creation of personal websites or web diaries, through the roof. In the course of a few years, the WWW’s netizen-driven content quotient multipled into millions, if not billions, because now all one needed to know to create a website, was to read and write English (and now many other major languages).

Another aspect I believe contributed much to the popularity of blogs (aside from that seemingly universal fetish of wanting to be voyeured – and wanting to voyeur other people’s lives) was the ability to elicit feedback from your readers, on what they thought about your life, your work, whatever it was you were blogging about, through the simple addition of a comment engine. This was a feature that attracted traffic into your blog because, well, everybody has a say on everything, and they like to be heard – even if many of them do not like to own up to what they say.

And therein lies my biggest pet peeve when it comes to blogging – people who hide behind ‘Anonymous’ or fake nicks and missing forwarding email addresses/websites.

Often blog flamers who have nothing useful to contribute to a discussion who resort to such juvenile, cravenly behaviour because they are afraid what their opinion on a subject will reflect on them, these cowards are oddly unable or unwilling, on the other hand, to keep their mouths shut. And what do they do when censored? They scream bloody murder for free speech.

But these fuckers confuse the many meanings of the word ‘free’ in ‘free speech’. They think ‘free’ means you can give an opinion without paying the price of at least revealing your identity.

Needless to say, my blog (my old one, at least) has been plagued more than once by such idiots. Such is the price for wanting to know what other people think. 

However, here’s the good news. Thanks to a friend’s ingenuity, I now have a weapon against these bastards.

And I know how to use it.

That’s right. You’d better run, Mr.




  1. velle said

    hi there. I stumbled on your site – girl got game. And found out that you’re a female elf too. That’s fabulous! And i just realize that you’re married and you have children. Your husband plays wow too. Sorry it’s quite awkward! but you’re so cool! 🙂

  2. hehe… it seems you have a stalker here in the guise of velle

  3. justine said

    What’s this cool troll-killing weapon you got there?

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