My life in boxes

Today, we began packing our living room, which doubles as my home office. As we went through drawer after drawer and switched from one box to another, not only did we realise how much crap we’d actually accumulated (and how much we’d eventually throw away), but how much cleaning we’d actually needed to do for so long, but never got to it (and if we’re never moving from here, the mountain of crap would’ve never stopped growing).

I’m quite an anal person when it comes to packing. Although we’ll have movers come wrap everything up for insurance purposes, I still like to know where everything is because after all, I’m going to be the one unpacking in the end. After several hours of unpacking old things we’d never unpacked when we moved in two years ago into new boxes we’re probably going to leave unpacked for several years in our new home in Seattle, we ended up with no less than 15 boxes, big and small.

Man, can we keep crap. Old magazines, unopened tshirts, photo albums, books, game and movie CDs and DVDs to build a fort, toys and board games and of course, ‘misc’ stuff you don’t really need but can’t throw because you MIGHT need them.

Next weekend, we clean the store.

On an entirely different note, check out my notebook’s transparent background!





  1. kruy said

    wow, your laptop’s transparent background was really cool!

  2. Asther said

    Your place sounds exactly like mine. Hehehe… Maybe cos our partners are brothers!? Hahaha… But have to admint, I have tonnes of crap in addition to my darling’s. *LOL* We kept on arguing on whose things to throw away first and whose things are more important (so must keep!) 😛

  3. Samixie said

    Jenn, been a fan of yours since ages ago (your MSN days).

    HOW do you get that transparent background? I want! Please? =)

  4. jenntai said

    It’s just optical illusionlah hehe no such thing! I took a pic of my background and put as desktop background!

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