An_almost_clean bill of health

Got my medical report back yesterday, finally. Waited almost two hours for it too. Megah Medical Specialist Centre is crazy, even on days it isn’t supposed to be crazy.

The good news is, my liver is fine. No inflammation, markers all low, although my IGg and HBe were still reactive. I had a rude shock though, when the nurse accidentally typed “Hepatitis B Cancer” on my report under “remarks”. Thank God I already knew there’s no such thing as Hep B cancer (you get liver cancer if you have Hep B) and hence, did not die of a heart attack. Turned out my doc had written “Hep B carrier” and the nurse, as suspected, read and typed it up wrongly.

Imagine if someone else, an old man or woman, was reading that.

Anyway, the diabetes that occurred during the last stages of my pregnancy has also gone, but the doctor advised me to take care as well not to ingest too much sugar because it might return when I’m older.

Bad news is, my cholesterol is slightly elevated, at 6.0, so I’m going on a low-fat diet (no seafood, no eggs, no curries etc). Need to get back to the gym as well, although I suspect with all the packing I’m doing, I won’t really need to! No excuse though. Good thing is, The Hubby has promised to do it together with me, so it’s gonna be easier this time around.

So relieved!


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  1. Ripcord said

    Congrats on the almost clean bill of health!

    I’m a mate of Julz and have been reading your comments. Good to know u are making educated decisions unlike the flamers on her blog whom I suspect, are people from Zouk out to discredit her and make her sound unbelievable.

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