Forius, Fomanus Zera and Mommy Hippopotamus

Today, during bedtime, we decided that Raeven would tell me a story instead (also ran out of books).

This is how it went:

Forius, the monkey and Fomanus Zera, the Zebra and Mommy Hippotamus were all jumping on the bed. They fell off and bumped their heads, and were never seen again. The end.

Swear I didn’t make up those names. Or the story.

In other news, according to my maid, Skyler stood up for one full minute today on her own!

Sigh. This is why I’m giving it all up soon.  




  1. Asther said

    My God! This is astonishing! Raeven telling a story! And Skyler… soon you’ll have your hands full with her walking and falling and climbing here & there! Hahaha… Better start recruiting Raeven as your extra eyes!

  2. donkey said

    i just saw your blog from blogmalaysia .not much picture here but i do appreciated your honest thought of life n thing u see here. pls keep up the good work to us who read it
    pls forgive my lousy english
    will read it daily
    well i saw your family albulm n u guy were honest folk there

  3. percolator said

    Not to annoy, but, how many people still use the term ‘maid’, I wonder. DOn’t mind me, I’m just being maddeningly politically correct.

  4. Jenn said

    Loads of people do. I didn’t know the term was politically incorrect?

  5. Asther said

    This term is still in used and it has several meanings. But none was said to be “politically incorrect”.

    These links simply translate/explain the meaning(s) of “maid”

    Dictionary.Com = Maid
    Wikipedia Excyclopedia = Maid

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