Top ten things women can’t stand about men

On the way to work this morning, Caroline of Light&Easy asked the question, “What can’t you stand about a man?”, apparently in response to Simon’s question in a previous show where he’d asked what men can’t stand about women.

These kinds of questions are always fun (or else they won’t be throwing them out). From your typical, run-of-the-mill answers to the incredibly profound (so much so you also start nodding and smiling to yourself, or talking to the radio), Malaysians are always game to offer their two sen on a popular issue, which is very entertaining.

The thing is, perhaps as a result of having spent five years writing about relationships. Or that I’m a total pushover. Or that I’d married an actual saint…that I could not come up with a single thing I found thoroughly intolerable about my man. Or any man.

Nothing. Zilch.

I know. Shocking.

Such a blessed life I lead.

I spent five whole minutes sitting in my car after I’d reached my office in the carpark, STRUGGLING to think of something. ANYTHING. But nothing came.

So after five hours, I’ve managed to come up with a list of THREE things that I absolutely hate about men. I know, I should be ashamed of myself.

Here they are:

1. Inability to lose gracefully to a woman (ego)
2. Inability to speak intelligently when talking about their feelings (ego)
3. Inability to be automatic or sensitive about certain things. Particularly things that hold no interest for them. Like when your baby cries in the middle of the night for her feed and he’s suddenly deaf. Or when there’s nothing left in the fridge to eat because you’ve been so caught up with work that you haven’t had time to shop, and although he’s been going home early every day to watch football or CSI for the last ten years, he still doesn’t think it’s his job to go get a loaf of bread on his own. And when you lose it and start nagging, all they can say is, “I’m not wired that way.”

So there.





  1. Mei said

    I actually had a few more.

    1) Ego.
    2) Lecherous.
    3) Pride.
    4) Inability to seek help where necessary (due to ego also).
    5) Potential to act like a baby yet wanna be macho.

    And more…

    I think *I* am bad. :S

  2. kenny lee said

    Hey sometimes man aren’t like tat one.
    I knew a few reallllly good ones.
    It just doesn’t happen in KL only.

  3. lilian said

    Refusal to ask for directions when lost.

  4. jenntai said

    Yes Lilian rotfl!!

  5. maisa said

    i think the fact that women know better

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